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Tuson Properties is a real estate investment firm focused on acquiring and managing value-added multifamily real estate in strategic markets with a hyper focus on creating value and strengthening partnerships. The opportunity for value that Tuson targets is often derived from distressed sellers, inappropriate capital structures, significant capital needs and sub par management, resulting in underperformance in rent growth and operations.
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Meet The Tuson Properties Team

Managing director

Robert Musso

Robert is managing partner of Tuson Properties, LLC and is responsible for cultivating strong relationships with investors, financial lenders, real estate professionals, and community officials while identifying new acquisitions within targeted markets alongside establishing the capital improvement programs for each asset.  Robert was employed in the hotel & hospitality industry for 17 years managing very high-end corporate accounts within the (5) star luxury hotel & resort categories representing destinations within the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Europe where luxury, service, design was daily language. Today, as an entrepreneur, with 20 years of real estate experience, he has successfully acquired and managed multi family apartment communities, residential properties, condominiums, and vacation homes, and commercial real estate as a KP, GP, LP and hybrid roles. His other passion's are his two sons,  family, love of cooking and culinary arts, travel and sports.
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managing director - Harvest Properties group

Tim vest

Tim Vest has more than 15 years in real estate and development. From partnering with developers, to developing raw land, to purchasing and investing in single family rentals, fix and flips, multifamily and hotels. He is currently an owner and partner on multiple apartment communities. Outside of his passion for Real Estate, Tim has also enjoyed a 20+ year career in Technology, founded multiple startups and enjoys music, sports, travel and an active lifestyle. Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing support from his wife of 20 years, Sara, and their soccer star daughter, Payton.
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senior advisor & Strategic Partner

Marco barbaro

In 1996, Marco graduated from Fairfield University and turned down a job with GE Capital to go into the restaurant business with his brother Gino.  At the age of 23, he bought his first multifamily property, a 4-family, in New York. 
In 2013, he began investing with his brother & Jake in Knoxville Tennessee, where they purchased their first twenty-five unit deal.  Since then, he has partnered with Jake & Gino and on his own on over 2,500 units, and has witnessed and participated in the growth of the company
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Building Partnerships, Adding Value To Our Assets, & Providing Strong Returns To Investors

Our real estate strategy structures deals and partnerships with all types of multifamily real estate investments predicated on focused & strategic investing, aiming to provide our investors the opportunity to build wealth through annual cash flow and long-term capital growth by staying extremely focused on capital integrity, add value and forced appreciation in stable and/or emerging markets.
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